Final of the Decarbonathon

The Final of the Decarbonathon took place on January 14th-15th at CRIGEN, one of the ENGIE Group's Labs. The teams that made it to the final and their coaches came from all over the world to work together one last time and present their project to a prestigious jury!

Working sessions, marketplace, creative workshops, and good times! Check out some pictures of the Decarbonathon highlights!

Here is the ranking of the four winning teams selected by the jury:

First place: « Mobiliteam »

The Mobiliteam team: Lara Laugar, Carole Lenchi, André Luiz Martin Braga, Kelly Ribeiro, and Matheus de Oliveira.

The project has two flagship ideas: promoting public transportation thanks to a mobile application that displays traffic conditions in real time, and reducing the energy consumption of electric vehicles by making improvements in the air conditioning system.

Second place: « Bynd »

The Bynd team: Gustavo Gracitelli, Miry Yun, Leonardo Liborio, Abraao Lacerda and Luciano Holanda.

Their idea is to use a mobile application to bring together different people who commute via the same routes (or who work in the same place) so they can quickly and easily carpool for their journeys. In addition, the application proposes journeys using public transportation.

Third place: « TEBS »

The TEBS team with Shashank Lochan, Antonio Roig, Guifre Tort, and Ernesto Cruz.

The project is based on using wind turbine technology specially adapted for modules installed on roads. Energy will be created when vehicles on the road pass by the modules.

Fourth place: « Mutum »

The Mutum team: Mathieu Jeanne-Beylot, Margaux Lelux, Anouck Alarcon, Olivier Steinmetz, Jonathan Perruca, and Vincent Graul.

Mutum is a collaborative platform offering the possibility to pool and share different objects and tools in order to avoid overconsumption. 


Public vote - Team « Raiders »

The team Raiders: Krister Bagnkop and Bertrand Galas.

Their idea is to increase mobility capacities with a new app that finds co-riders to share a taxi or a car when people arrive at train stations or airports, to get to similar places.

After two intense days, the participants, the mentors, and the jury members came together to share a final cocktail in a warm and energized atmosphere!

We would like to offer our warmest congratulations and thanks to all teams for taking part in the Decarbonathon!

All the best!

Waiting for selection
Teams of 1 to 6


  • 1Electric bikes
  • 2Eco-friendly trips
  • 3Parrot Zik 2.0 headphones
  • 4Smart Thermostats


  • Antonio R.
  • Anouck A.
  • Mohsin K.
  • Gilbert R.
  • Julien C.
  • Arthur P.
  • celia p.
  • Vincent C.
  • Florent V.
  • Atul Kumar P.
  • Luciano H.
  • Romain L.
  • Shermeen F.
  • Akansha S.

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