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1. Bynd 

A mobile app to share daily rides as easily and fast as possible combining public and private transport means.

2. Grawiex / DriveEco

Gamification mechanism to boost the combination of best route choice and driving behavior from a point A to B. 

3. Raiders 

Optimizing collectively the last mile part of every journey when arriving at the airport, train station etc.

4. Blast from the past 

A brand new way to reactivate an old technology enabling CO2 capture within the cars.

5. Mobiliteam 

Encouraging public transports with a mobile app to improve transport efficiency and the user experience and reducing energy consumption of electric vehicles by improving energy efficiency of AC systems.

6. Cavama Green 

Upgrading city cycle schemes by improving user comfort and lowering effort levels through use of self-charging batteries.


Gamification app to help drive energy efficiency in cities and lowering energy bills for consumers with a mechanism of a collective challenge.

8. Kipus A+ 

Digital tool to replace expensive energy audits and providing easily accessible solutions for viable carbon and energy saving options in households.

9. TEBS 

Distributed energy production, adopting wind turbine technology to modules set in the roads. Energy produced by velocity.

10. SmartWater 

Seriously enhancing in-house water recycling to avoid plastic water bottles consumption.

11. Bamboo Biofuel / Bamboo World

Using bamboo properties to encourage circular economy and the production of biofuels.

12. Swayamhu Innovation 

Untreated waste from urban and rural neighbourhood converted into decentralized biogas plants providing energy to off grid areas. 

13. PHENIX - Second life products 

Chasing food and non food products waste via an innovative web platform connecting in real time offer and demand.

14. CO2 mapping 

Wide-scale data analysis tool used to provide information on the thermal level of buildings.

15. Mutum 

Gamification and collaborative platform to mutualize different objects and tools (occasionally used on an individual basis) avoiding over consumption.

16. One Way 

Combination of piezoelectric and Solar Cell technologies in the public area reducing energy consumption.

Additional information :

• After discussions, drivEco project has merged with Grawiex project.
• After discussions Bamboo World project has merged with Bamboo Biofuel project.


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  • 1Electric bikes
  • 2Eco-friendly trips
  • 3Parrot Zik 2.0 headphones
  • 4Smart Thermostats


  • Loïc B.
  • Kobina A.
  • Tugdual R.
  • Andrew I.
  • frywanto b.
  • Nicolas B.
  • Mariana O.
  • Jolanta K.
  • Alexia N.
  • Muhammad Ather A.
  • Shermeen F.
  • Bala S.
  • Christian N.
  • David C.
  • Nicolas M.

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